The “Why” of Moreland Advisors

I usually spend the downtime between Christmas and New Year’s catching up on unread articles and the seemingly endless supply of paperwork. This year, I was also able to spend some time talking to a few of the young startup companies I am mentoring. It never ceases to amaze me what cool stuff these companies are working on. While the industries and products may be different, each of these companies share something in common.

That shared element is a true passion for the innovations they are pursuing. I love hearing them talk about product progress or customer feedback, but it’s their passion for “why” they are in business that really excites me.

In the course of these discussions, I realized that I don’t spend nearly enough time talking about the “why” of Moreland Advisors – that passion that gets me up in the morning and fuels me through long days. Make no mistake, that passion is there and I am constantly thinking about the “why” of the business in my own inner dialogue. However, outside of my family and a few select clients, I rarely take the opportunity to discuss the “why” with a broader audience.

That’s been a mistake on my part…

When family, friends and clients understand what motivates you to do what you do, why you are in the business you are in, they are much more likely to help you reach that goal. Just like me and the companies I work with, I am drawn to them by their underlying passion, the “why”, over the “what” and “how”.

As a result, in 2014 I have pledged to spend more time talking about the “why”, and less time about the “what” and “how”.

So, why start Moreland Advisors?

I started Moreland Advisors because I believe that when public, private and financial stakeholders work openly and collaboratively together, remarkable things happen.

It’s just that simple. That’s what gets me up every day and drives me to keep going and it’s the underlying motivation behind everything I do at Moreland.

What’s your “why” statement? What fuels your passion?