Six ideas to help find fulfilling work

This is a pretty creative short film by The School of Life that could help you find a career that is truly fulfilling. As they say, the ultimate criteria should be to find a job that we won’t regret on our deathbeds. It’s a low bar to set, but one we frequently can’t hurdle over. Their six points to make sure that doesn’t happen, see below, are pretty spot on. In our work with Social Entrepreneurs, we frequently see these ideas personified in their passion for a concept, idea or fledgling business. It’s good stuff.

Accept that being confused about your career choices is normal. Confusion and fear are natural.
Know yourself. For 99% of us, knowing what we want to do doesn’t arise spontaneously.
Think a lot. It could take a year or more of sustained daily reflection to sort out exactly what professional path to pursue.
Try something. Take small, non-irrevocable steps to gather more information. Investigate through side projects.
Reflect on what makes people unhappy. Business is about solving other people’s problems. Work is a chance to serve.
Be confident. The difference between success and failure is the courage to give it a go.