World’s first plant based egg

This is really interesting stuff. I’m a meat eater and even I recognize that the future of protein is not animal based. It just isn’t sustainable in the long run. It will be very interesting to see how Hampton Creek progresses as the refine their product line. Assuming the economics work (isn’t that always the hangup?) this could have some huge implications for both the developed and developing worlds.

One caveat to keep in mind… Plant based solutions aren’t always the panacea they are held out to be. All you have to do is look at the issues surrounding biofuels and you realize that we facing future world where we don’t have enough land and water available to feed the growing population,much less produce energy and replace meat. If we begin to replace meat with plant based solutions, that has the potential to put even further stresses on the arable land areas and water resources. Like anything, it’s a balance and we’ll have to weigh the benefits in reduced greenhouse gas emissions, reduced pollution loads, etc. against the potential additional land/water stresses.

In any case, this is exciting stuff and Hampton Creek is heading in the right direction!