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About Us….

“Accelerating Innovative Solutions for a Hungry, Hot and Crowded Planet”

Founded in Richmond, Virginia over 8 years ago, Moreland Advisors, Inc. accelerates social innovations by bringing people, ideas and capital together in new ways that drive positive social change.

As a research, strategy and implementation consultancy, we work as both a trusted advisor and strategic partner to our public, private, financial and philanthropic clients, helping them nurture the internal and external coalitions required to turn transformational ideas into exceptional outcomes.

Our work provides our clients with the market insights, actionable strategies and operational infrastructure necessary to develop organizations and opportunities that expressly generate solid financial returns while also driving positive social change.

We have over $4 billion of experience facilitating these multi-stakeholder partnerships, successfully capturing new growth opportunities, improving sustainable operations, strengthening communities and protecting our precious natural resources.

If you need help enhancing the positive impacts of your organization, project or capital, please contact our President, Brad Rodgers, at or +1.804.332.6618.

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