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Community & Economic Development.


At its core, Community and Economic Development efforts area about leveraging the assets of a community in order to attract and retain businesses and jobs to the area and protect its history, culture and social identity. Those assets may be key personnel, workforce development centers, existing water and sewer capacity, available industrial parks, natural resources or a range of other community amenities. Whatever form they may take, these assets make up the foundation of your community and are critical to its future economic success.

In the competitive site selection environment, not having a well designed economic development strategy in place may mean your community is eliminated before you even know there is a prospect. At Moreland Advisors, we know that Economic Development efforts are absolutely critical to unlocking the potential community impacts and that having the right assets and strategies in place is critical to successful Economic Development efforts. It is truly a dynamic and bilateral relationship.

In addition, changing environmental conditions are likely to place unprecedented new stresses on some sectors of the economy. What may be prosperous and viable today may well be obsolete in the near future. Already, many island and coastal communities are struggling to adapt to the new realities of issues such as dwindling fisheries and the prospects of sea level rise.

Moreland works to make sure that our clients are leveraging the latest technologies, partnership models and capital structures to preserve and grow their communities, capture new growth opportunities and appropriately manage and mitigate future risks.

Sub-sector Expertise:
  • Site Selection
  • Business Attraction & Retention Strategies
  • Smart City Initiaitives
  • Working Waterfront Issues
  • Island & Coastal Community Econ. Development
  • Economic and Social Impact Analysis
  • Impact Measurement & Verification
  • Feasibility Studies
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