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Environmental Finance.

When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten, and the last stream poisoned, you will realize that you cannot eat money.
Cree Indian Prophecy

Environmental issues are restructuring markets and redirecting capital flows throughout the world. Developed countries spend between 3% and 5% of their GNP on environmental management. In developing countries that percentage is less than 1%, proving that funding for biodiversity protection is usually the last to be provided by governments facing daunting social needs and political challenges. However, these are the areas that are typically challenged with the greatest needs.

Creating a low carbon, sustainable global economy requires capital, and alot of it. Some estimates suggest that a cumulative investment of approximately $90 trillion by 2030 will be required to achieve international low carbon growth objectives. Yet across the globe, it is estimated that only $389 billion was mobilized in 2014 – less than 1/15th of what is necessary. The world needs finance providers, philanthropic organizations, governments, NGO’s and other private sector actors to come together in collaborative partnerships to address the tremendous gap in Environmental Financing.

Moreland Advisors’ work in the Environmental Finance sector develops the innovative partnership models, financial mechanisms and capital structures required to create these multi-stakeholder partnerships. We are unique in this arena because we work with both the investors and the project sponsors and/or organizations. We work to not only create a ready supply of environmental capital, but also a pipeline of investment ready opportunities.

We have over $4 billion of experience developing these innovative collaborative partnerships, bringing people, ideas and capital together to create transformational environmental solutions.

Domain Expertise:
  • Land & Marine Conservation
  • Environmental Trading Markets
  • Climate Risk Analysis
  • Green Bond Initiatives
  • Payments for Environmental Services (PES)
  • Sustainable Agriculture Financing
  • AgTech & AquaTech Trends & Financing
  • Economic & Social Impact Analysis
  • Measurement & Verification of Impacts
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